My Top Ten…right now


I so appreciate everyone who follows my blog and social media. I want to start sharing, maybe once a month or so, a post on the top ten things I’m doing besides reading! They are in no particular order.

So this is the first post and I hope you like it!

1. Kacey Musgraves

I have been a fan of hers for years and I am so excited that she is releasing new music!

2. The Keto Diet

My husband and I are trying this diet. We’re only on day two but so far so good 😁

3. Coach Sharkey Tote

It’s perfect for holding my books and everything else I need for the day. I carry it everywhere. I’m obsessed.

4. My perfect dog, Lulu

Meet Lulu! She is a sweet, small labradoodle and she has my heart ♥️

5. My family

6. My husband

7. The fact that the Philadelphia Eagles won the SuperBowl!

8. Lulu with all of her toys

She doesn’t play with them she just cuddles them ❤️

9. My husband bought us matching ‘Bobs Burger’ shirts

We were made for each other 😁

10. Edisto Beach

This is a view from my tent. I love this place. I want to move to the coast in the next year.

So that’s my top ten right now. Let me know what you think!


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