The Shack

I started reading The Shack this month because it is my moms birthday month and this was her favorite book. I read this book once about ten years ago but didn’t remember anything super memorable.

This time around was totally different.

I started reading slowly, anticipating that I already knew what was coming. But once Mack (the main character) made it back to the cabin and encountered God, everything changed.

This book basically talks about Gods healing and the power of relationship. As I was reading this book, I was going through a healing time and maybe that’s why it was so different reading it this time.

In the book, Mack has been struck by the tragic disappearance and murder of his youngest daughter. He’s angry at God and his entire family is just barely getting by.God sends him a personal note in the mail to go back to the cabin where his daughter was murdered. I’m not going to give too much away but the journey you will go on with Mack, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is transformative and restorative.

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Thanks for reading,


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