I Am Number 8

I Am Number 8. What is a number 8? A number 8 is someone who is constantly passed up. Maybe someone who is rarely thought about. But when it is finally their turn, they deliver unimaginable results.

“It’s in the isolation of the field that God creates the greatest leaders. The utter intensity of aloneness is the fertile ground for the birthing of creativity.”

This book resonated with me a lot. Being a foster kid, bouncing from house to house, family to family. Never having stability or someone there to believe in me or tell me I am great, I have made a wonderful life for myself and proved I am able. Reading this book, I saw how being alone most of my life. Learning things for myself and taking care of myself helped shapes me into my destiny.

“David discovered that the rejection of Man was the acceptance of God.”

David was a number 8. He was passed by all of his brothers before he got his anointing and killed Goliath. John Gray introduces this with strong influence around the power of God in your life. David’s own father didn’t think David was worth considering for anointing. But God’s anointing flowed over David while everyone he knew, the people he should have been closest with, had to watch him become a King.

I don’t know if your getting it yet, but this is powerful stuff.

“When you’re in seasons of challenge, brokenness, and failure, identify the voices that will speak not only to your current situation-we all need accountability- but to your future self. Find people who will speak life into where you are going.”

I finished this book a month ago and yet, when I was flipping back through today to write this post, the above quote stuck out to me again. I am going through a season of change and I have found, the people who have been with me before are the same people who are with me now. The people who were only a season in my life are showing themselves to be as such. I find an immense amount of comfort in this quote. I find evidence of not only being a number eight, but also I am pursuing my destiny.

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