Present Over Perfect

Every book you will ever read will change you in some way. This book changed me more than any other.

I was so adjusted to running myself ragged for everybody else. I cared so much what other people thought and how people saw me. I don’t do that anymore. This is not to say I am selfish. I am just way more selective with priorities and what and who I give my time and energy to.

“I fake-rested instead of real-rested, and then found out I was real-tired.”

At one point in the book, she posed the question, if you had a bottomless bank account and blank agenda, what would you do? I ask myself this question almost daily. As a result, my date book hasn’t been touched in a month. I’m behind on stuff that isn’t important. And that’s okay.

This book also taught me that when you are asked to do something, say no if:

1) it won’t bring you happiness

2) it won’t get you love

This sounds so simple it’s absurd. But it’s a reminder and it works.

This book also inspired me to fulfill my life dream of living by the ocean and I’m happy to say that in a few short months, I will be. See, complete life change off of one book.

I’ve passed on “important” things and moved to life’s really important things. I’ve passed on people, workouts, chores. I’ve been focusing on relationships. On myself. On my happiness.

I want you to read this book.

Stay happy,


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