The Edisto Bookstore

For those of you that know me, you know I go to Edisto Island every chance I get. I’ve always wanted to go to The Edisto Bookstore every time but never did. It was either closed by the time I got there or I was just too lazy from a glorious beach day. There was also one time I was planning on going but was attacked by three jellyfish earlier in the day, but I digress.

This time when I went, I was actually suffering from heat exhaustion from not drinking enough water during the day. I wasn’t feeling my best but my husband insisted that I had to go. I am so very glad I did.

Pretty much anyplace that has a sign that says “The chores can wait, I just want to read!!!” can not be a bad place.

Walking in, I was greeted by a kind man who was assisting other customers as I browsed. I hear him tell a customer that he would never let someone buy a book they shouldn’t waste their time reading. I chimed in with “I’m a book blogger and I hate wasting time reading something that isn’t great”. He looked at the book I selected to buy and said “then don’t get that”.

Some people wouldn’t take too kindly to a stranger commenting on their choices. I loved it!

“Okay! What should I read? Pick a book for me!”

He then introduced himself as Carol, I’m just going to refer to him as the best bookkeeper ever.

He knew almost every book. Every. Single. Book. He takes me to a room that I didn’t stop in when I was looking initially. It was a used books room and next to it was an adorable children’s area.

“Have you read ‘The Great Gatsby?’ He asked me.

“Yes!” It’s one of my most favorite reads of all time.

“Have you read ‘Love in the Time If Cholera’?” He tried again.


He handed me the book and I eagerly agreed to take it.

I told him I was going to come back every trip to Edisto and let him have a new pick for me. We had a really great time and nice conversation while he told me about the shop and helped me select a book. They also have gifts, stationery, local products and more. I could easily spend my entire salary here. I’m obsessed with this place.

At checkout I met another lovely associate. Her name was Emily Grace and she was curled in a basket, sleeping away the afternoon.

Emily Grace is an employee and resident. I am very jealous of her. She gets to be surrounded by books and amazing people all day. She was so quiet I hadn’t noticed her at first. She is sweet and I heard she is very knowledgeable on books!

My husband had opted to sit in the car but I had to call him in because I wanted a picture of me and the best bookkeeper ever.

I purchased my book and a mug that has a map of Edisto on it. Carol graciously pointed out that the mug can not be used for navigational purposes. He gave me a store bookmark and on the back suggested two more books I should read.

I will be back. I will go back every time. I’ve never been to a bookstore where I had such an amazing experience in a short period of time. I have been enchanted by bookstores before but I have never felt so much magic as I did with The Edisto Island Bookstore.


3 thoughts on “The Edisto Bookstore

      1. Awesome — congratulations! (I grew up in Anderson.) I did an event at the Edisto Bookstore last year with my debut novel and had a blast! Karen and Miss Gracie kicked it out. I was at Edisto earlier this month to meet with a book club. I miss Edisto!!!


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