Savannah, ooh na na

I know I don’t write much on myself. Mostly, I use my blogs about books, but I wanted to share this wonderful trip with you all.

Back in March, my husband lost his job and in job searching, he took a unexpected employment opportunity. I’m not going to say where but I will say that so far this job has been very good to him and his first week was training in Savannah, GA.

I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah. I’ve always heard the most wonderful things about it. The things you hear and the pictures you see will never be able to do it justice. Regardless, I’m going to say things and I’m going to show you pictures😂.

Day 1.

We started our first day off together with a wonderful brunch at B. Matthews Eatery. To be honest, I don’t remember what my husband had but I had the most magnificent shrimp and grits ever. Topped with perfectly cooked greens. 😋 I’ve never had them that way before. We shared a pitcher of mimosa and there was a mimosa left in the pitcher when we paid our tab. The waitress asked if I wanted a to go cup for what was left. Um…yes!

Savannah is open container downtown.

We walked from the restaurant to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low. She founded the Girl Scouts and as a former Girl Scout I’ve always wanted to visit. I didn’t get to go in because we had our fur baby with us but it was wonderful all the same!

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was my most favorite thing I got to see in Savannah. The architecture, the art, the glory, the aesthetic .You know how sometimes you miss taking a picture of something?

We ate at the legendary Leopolds Ice cream shop which did not disappoint. They had ice cream for our fur baby and Thomas and I split a Banana Split that was divine.

The owner is a movie producer and has autographed pictures everywhere.

I got this picture of James Woods. Totally missed out on taking one of the marvelous Morgan Freeman 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Across the road from there was this library, pun intended.

This picture was taking in Forsyth Park. If you go to Savannah and don’t go here, your doing it wrong.

Day 2

We had a fabulous lunch at the Greek restaurant on the river.

We walked the length of the river today being that I had to leave by 3 pm. The trip was short lived but well worth it.

We saw a wonderful monument to the men of Savannah who gave their life for our country during World War Two. Another picture I missed. The outside of the monument is a globe split down the middle. But as with most everything, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Everywhere you go in Downtown Savannah is wonderful. There are always little surprises you don’t expect to see.

I got to see a shipping container ship up close. My mind was blown at how large and how much work must go into managing shops of this capacity. This one was actually sailing by us and in size looks like a building. I promise that is a body of water behind me!

Everyone in Savannah loved Lulu! Always bringing her water, ice cream and treats. Approximately 80 people, strangers, took pictures of her or with her. She got so much love but she’s a Daddy’s girl y’all! He will always be her favorite ❤️.

If you’ve been to Savannah, tell me where I should go next time!



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